A few days ago we received some exciting news, a new category of visas will be created specifically for startups. As both recruiters and participants in the startup ecosystem this is incredibly exciting news. You can read more about the changes here. But in summary:

The Global Talent Scheme will consist of two components. Established businesses with an annual turnover of more than $4 million will be able to sponsor highly skilled and experienced individuals for positions with earnings above $180,000 into Australia.

The employers will need to be able to demonstrate that they prioritise the employment of Australians and that there will be skills transfer to Australian workers as a result of the person being granted a visa.

The sponsoring business must have a track record of hiring and training Australians.

Technology-based and STEM-related start-up businesses will also be able to sponsor experienced people with specialised technology skills.

This news will allow the ecosystem so meet some of the huge gaps that exist within the current talent pool in Australia. As a business Think and Grows philosophy has always been that “great people grow great companies” and that “great companies grow great people” – if we are able to bring in the best and brightest from where-ever they are in the world the benefits to the ecosystem will be immense.

As part of this announcement Think and Grow was interviewed for SBS news which you can view here.

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