Launched in 2015 Think & Grow was created to help technology driven businesses to accelerate growth.

Our customers use us to design their organisational structure, build their executive team, recruit rare skillsets, nurture specific talent pools and architect their talent strategy.

Like many of our customers, we are ambitious and want to be the best globally at what we do. Hiring great people is critical to the success of our business and we look for people that share similar beliefs and values to us. We believe the key to any successful business is speed combined with feedback loops underpinned by a culture of continuous improvement. Below are some of the things critical to how we work, think and act:

  • We regularly seek out the best people possible to learn from. We run regular lunch and learns in the office, as well as attend conferences. Our favourites include: SAASTR, London Tech Week, The Sunrise and Above All Human.
  • We also learn by reading, watching and listening. The a16z podcast is a go-to, as are books such as; Delivering Happiness, ReWork, Lean Startup and Hard Thing About Hard Things.
  • A number of the team have personally invested in startups and the business is an LP in a number of VC funds.
  • We love meeting people and will always spend time to meet the people we are working with.
  • A key KPI of all our staff is to give back. At least once a quarter we run events in Sydney, Melbourne and London as a way of helping our clients grow their network.
  • Our entire business runs off modern SAAS tools, our favourites include Slack and Trello.
  • Call us old school but we are big fans of physical Kanban boards and use them to keep ourselves organised, focused and collaborative.

Our team is deeply passionate about the enabling potential of combing great technology, amazing people and bold ideas. Across the team we bring a deep level of expertise and experience having worked with the following companies:



Canva Head of Engineering, Joel Hynoski talks about his experience working with Think & Grow.

Partner, Anthony Sochan talks about why he started with fellow Partner Jonathan Jefferies.

Jonathan Jefferies talks about the talent and how ThinkĀ & Grow sell to prospective candidates.